Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Tips for Gold Panning

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO of Truly Social Games has many interests and hobbies that keep him busy when he is not working. For example, he is an avid fan of his son’s Lacrosse team and attends as many games and practices as he can. He is also an admirer of vintage race cars. He owns a 1962 Chevrolet Corvette, which he enjoys driving regularly and participating in track racing. But one of his favorite hobbies over the last few years has been hunting for gold.

Gold panning is a popular hobby for many people. Some like it because it gives a person the opportunity to be active out in nature. Others like it because practically anyone can participate. Everyone who tries gold panning likes the idea of potentially finding that elusive yellow metal that has held great value for centuries. It is the allure of finding gold that drives the passion of people all around the world to get out in nature and search for this precious metal. While gold mining on a large scale requires a lot of time, money, and equipment, many enthusiasts begin by simply panning for gold.

Gold panning does not require heavy machinery. Finding the right location that holds hidden gold and has a good water supply is the challenging part of the equation. According to Cooper DuBois Portland resident, obtaining the basic, essential supplies are simple. Different equipment may be needed depending on the size of the gold panning operation, but an individual or couple just starting should only need the basics.

Man cleans gold by hand in the copper pan.

The first and most obvious piece of equipment for gold panning is, of course, gold pans. These are usually either 15-inch or 10-inch in diameter. When they are first beginning to pan for gold, black pans can make it easier to spot the yellow gold.

The first and most obvious piece of equipment for gold panning is, of course, gold pans. These are usually either 15-inch or 10-inch in diameter. When they are first beginning to pan for gold, black pans can make it easier to spot the yellow gold. It is also recommended to have a few 5-gallon buckets and a couple of stackable mesh sifting pans. With these, you can quickly filter shovelfuls of soil and discard rocks and other debris before you begin to work the soil with the pans. Depending on your eyesight, a magnifying glass or tweezer that features a magnifier will also help you spot any tiny flakes of gold in your pan.

These are simply the necessities for gold panning. Many people choose to start with a sluice box or use a magnetic separator tool to pick the gold flakes out of the sand, but that depends on how much money you want to invest. Cooper DuBois believes the most significant investment to make when it comes to panning for gold is time. The more time you spend searching for gold, the more likely you will be to find it.

Cooper DuBois Reviews Planet Gold Rush

Cooper DuBois, Portland’s Gold mining Co-founder of Truly Social Games, was inspired by his personal adventures and the ups and downs of searching for Gold.

Knowing the exhilaration he experienced on gold-seeking adventures, he wanted to translate that feeling into a game that would be enjoyable to people of all ages. He also wanted the game to be beautiful looking and sounding so players would like to come back to play each day. For this reason, players can compete daily for the chance to win real Gold.

The idea of including all that goes into the search for Gold was the working basis for the game Planet Gold Rush by Truly Social Games.

The game combines city building and gold mining’s central ideas to give the player a fully integrated experience. The player begins by building the best gold mining operation possible, including top-of-the-line equipment. Included in the game’s central premise is the task of searching the land for valuable resources in the hopes of becoming one of the top gold miners the world has ever seen.

Planet Gold Rush over 1 Million Downloads by Cooper DuBois Portland

Planet Gold Rush over 1 Million Downloads

According to Cooper DuBois, players can also compete in various challenging and fun mini-games throughout Planet Gold Rush. As you are the boss of your own Gold mine, the goal is always to build your best-possible mining community, but the game offers much more than that. There are vast frontiers to explore in Planet Gold Rush, and they are all choked full of Gold.

As the player progresses in the game, they will have the opportunity to survey the land and find new dig sites to increase their fortunes. So just like in the real world of gold mining, it takes hard work and more than just a little luck to strike it rich.

According to Cooper Dubois, the design of Planet Gold Rush is compact, and the fun single-mechanic game will get tricker as players get better at it. The game was intentionally designed for players to be constantly challenged to exceed their previous best. Also, players can share their progress with friends and encourage others to beat their own high scores, making Planet Gold Rush an entertaining, exciting, and addictive gaming experience.

As the player progresses in the game, they will have the opportunity to survey the land and find new dig sites to increase their fortunes.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Hunter Explains Placer Deposits

Cooper DuBois Portland gold hunter explains that gold prospecting in the US is a practice that dates back to the late 1700s. Initially, it was a traditional activity but later became an outdoor recreation. Here are some prospecting areas recommended by Copper DuBois Portland gold hunter.

Over the past centuries, prospectors searched for gold, hoping for financial gain. In the 1930s, there was a depression that negatively affected the gold-producing areas. While no clear records were documented, preliminary results showed prospectors benefited from the activity.

The lack of success led to the development of mining districts. In a systemic study, efforts were being made to revive the productive areas. In 1965, there was intensive scientific research that led to the development of metallurgical mining techniques. More discoveries were being made in recent years, which has led to discovering Carlin-type gold deposits.


Prospecting for placer deposits was frequent in the olden days. These were the days when prospecting for gold was done with a pan. Panning for gold is still a common practice today, especially for those with little financial backing. According to Cooper DuBois Portland gold hunter, the placer deposit method relates to the concentration of sediments from beaches and streams. The sun-yellow deposits can also be left behind from the weathering process.

Some of the placer districts in California include Mokelumne, Calaveras, Mother Lode region, and Yuba Rivers. In the 1950s, the placers were associated with stream remnants. There are many places in California where small deposits of gold can be found in these types of sites.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Hunter Explains Placer Deposits

Cooper DuBois Portland gold hunter reveals that much of the gold that comes from Alaska was mined by placers. The deposits occur at major rivers, although some of the beach sands are productive. Another dredging operation happened in the Fairbanks district and the southern part of the Seward Peninsula. Other productive placers were found in the Kuskokwim River and Copper River.

Idaho has been a reputable placer mining state for many decades. A few miles from Boise, you’ll find placer deposits along the tributaries of Clearwater River, especially at Pierce, Orofino, and Elk City.

Most placer deposits in Oregon are located in the northern part of the state. Deposits also occur on the streams that drain to the Wallowa Mountains. The tributaries of the Burnt River are also believed to contain large deposits of gold. Further west, you’ll find placer mining at John Day River valley. In Southwestern Oregon, some gold prospectors neighbor the Klamath Mountains. Other prospecting districts are Applegate and Greenback (in Josephine County). Even better, a small number of placer deposits have been found in the Black Hills region, French Creek, and Deadwood area.

Cooper DuBois Portland gold hunter explains that placer gold also occurred in other areas like New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California. Most people associate the region with low-grade placer and permanent water supply. Some prospectors use dry and semi-dry methods to recover gold. However, whatever process is employed to uncover them, finding deposits of gold is always a thrilling prospect.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Prospecting Tips

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold explores prospecting, allowing people of all ages to get off the couch and explore nature. If you’re a first-time prospector, this may sound like a harrowing experience. But it would help if you didn’t overthink it. Here are a few tips recommended by Cooper DuBois to help you start this niche hobby.

Use the right equipment.

Let’s face it: you won’t find gold nuggets basking in the sun, says Cooper DuBois

If you don’t want to go home empty-handed, you must have the right equipment. The essential prospecting tools include a garden hand trowel, 5-gallon bucket, shovel/spade, classifying screen, and a plastic container.

To increase your chances of success, you should invest in a pinpointer and a metal detector. You want a device that can give accurate readings when used a precision tool. A Garret metal detector can be helpful if you’re looking for gold in areas with other metals.

You can also prospect with a strainer to separate the debris and dirt. How about a glass vial to put the treasure? If you’re planning to stay for longer, you should pay attention to the weather.
If you’re prospecting an area you’re likely to get lost, you should invest in a GPS device.

Assess the history of the land

You can get a wealth of information from the Department of Mines. First, you should ask around and look online. You can also get some tips by joining social media groups. Is it the right place to prospect or gold?

If you want to get information on the potential areas to explore, you should use google earth. Furthermore, a satellite image will show you the places you can explore. Your goal is to collect pieces of information and other elements of evidence. How about using mapping software to locate those remote areas?

Be realistic

We all know that gold is a hidden treasure waiting to be found – but the task requires a bit of legwork. Some of the critical information you need is whether there have been mining claims in the area. You also need to know where the river flows to, or you might end up in private land.

The other area you should pay attention to is whether you can make a living prospecting for gold. Your success will depend on finding a good location and using the right tools to extract gold.
Gold panning is becoming a profitable pastime. But to be good at it, you must learn a few skills.

Be patient

If you take gold panning as a hobby, you must have two qualities – patience and perseverance. It would help if you never had a mindset that you’ll get rich quickly. The truth is that you must harness your skills.



Pinpointer Metal Detector In Hand

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Prospecting Tips

 The best gold panner will take time to know the characteristics of low water vs. high water. Note: even a tiny flake is dense than the rest of the material flowing downstream. That being said, you should ensure you have the right shovel to dig up the dirt from the creek.

Be ready to get your hands dirty.

When prospecting for gold in dense rivers, you ought to dig to get some gold. And you expect to get dirty while at it. Once you pick a potential spot, you must dig into the creek and filter the material that gets on your way.

Other times, you may have to remove the bigger rocks or break up the soil. And this requires a back and forth action. It will help if you keep pulling the material from the pan until you’re left with some fine sand. If nothing shows at the bottom of the pan, repeat the process.

Be gentle with your treasure.

A mistake that prospectors keep making is too aggressive on the newfound gold. So, instead of just eliminating the dirt, they can accidentally get rid of some nuggets of gold. This can be frustrating after putting in all that hard work. Do you get the picture?

Once you get a significant amount of treasure, you should be gentle when cleaning the nuggets. To ensure you do this correctly, you should fill the pan with dirt and dip it in water to remain with the lighter particles. Don’t shake the pan too hard – there could be some solid clumps with gold if you’re not careful.

Wrap up

Ultimately, gold prospecting is a fun activity that offers a delightful and rewarding experience. You should be realistic and use the right equipment. With patience and perseverance, you’ll find that gold.

Cooper DuBois is the ceo of a Portland gaming company. He is also an avid explorer and adventure seeker.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Hunter Adventures


Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Hunting adventures continue with Summer close by. Gold hunting adventures can be an exciting and rewarding activity for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re planning to pan gold around Oregon and California, you must know where to pan. The best spots to hunt for gold in Oregon are creeks and rivers open to the general public.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Hunter Adventures


Sumpter Dredge Park

When you visit the Sumpter dredge park, you’ll see strange sights. Although it was once a bustling gold town, you can still explore the streets for fun. Small-scale mining is still practiced around the mountains.


Cow Creek Recreational Area

Cow Creek is a tributary of the Umpqua River – it was one of the major gold producers in southern Oregon during the Gold Rush Era. Since the creek accumulates deposits during the rainy season, you can still find tiny flakes of gold. To pan gold, you need sluice boxes and suction dredges. Cow Creek Recreational area is located 21 miles southwest of riddle and is open to the public.


Oregon beaches

Panning for gold around the beach can be challenging. You cannot merely sit on the river to get gold. An excellent place to start your search is the South of Coos Bay. It features dark-colored sand, which signifies the presence of minerals.

Sometimes, prospecting for gold around the shores can be an uphill task. One critical step is planning carefully. You can search the area to see the beaches, creeks, and riversides. You can also talk to local prospectors or search on Google maps.

To increase the chances of success, you must get the technique right. It would help if you went slowly on small amounts of sand.


Sixes River

The sixes river is an excellent spot for gold panning without a mining claim. Keep in mind that Sixes River has 19 campsites that provide excellent places for camping, fishing, and swimming.


Applegate River Access

The Applegate River is located in the southern part of Oregon. It starts at the Siskiyou Mountains and proceeds to the Rogue River. This is a vibrant area of the state known for producing pocket gold. Most of these pockets date back thousands of years ago. There’s a possibility that some areas haven’t been discovered yet.


Rogue River

The Rogue River is one of the longest rivers in Oregon, stretching over 200 miles. Some of the top areas you can pan for gold are Grants Pass, Gold Hill, and Hellgate recreational areas.



Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Hunter Adventures 2

Hellgate recreational area

While there’s limited prospecting in this area, the Hellgate recreational area is open to the public. Just like the Rogue River, this area features rich gold gravel. However, there are some strict restrictions in place. Even simple tools like shovels, sluice boxes, and picks are prohibited. Before you get there, you may want to check with the local BLM to see which equipment is legal for prospecting.


Prospecting for gold in northern California -Cooper DuBois Portland

It’s no secret that Northern California played a vital role in the Goldrush. Today, gold prospectors can still get a taste of how gold hunting was during those days. Whether you’re looking for a place to pass a few hours or create a memorable family activity, northern California offers a variety of adventures.


Butte creek recreational area

This is one of the best of the best areas to do a little panning in California. Some gold has been discovered in recent years as the river drains in higher elevations of Butte County. This area gets worked on by the locals, so you should expect to see some digging. One thing that makes Butte Creek unique is that the erosion feeds new deposits every year.

The Butte Creek Recreational area has a trail system that gives access to gold prospectors. Getting to it is pretty straightforward. If you’re coming from Chico, you should follow Highway 32.


Auburn state recreational area

The Auburn state recreational area accommodates thousands of visitors every year. It covers 40 miles in northern California and sits in the middle forks of the American River. This area provides ample opportunities for gold prospecting.


Merced River

This is a key gold-bearing region in northern California that attracts thousands of adventurers every year. There are lots of tributaries to explore. Some famous creeks are Illoutte creek, red peak fork, Tenaya creek, Sunrise creek, and Yosemite Creek.



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